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Sales Process for Buying a Pre-Owned Park Home 

1. Look on Parkhome Living, Rightmove, Zoopla or Seekers websites as well as local estate agents and press to find out what is available.

2.  Get in touch with the Agent listing the home to arrange a viewing.

3.  Agree a sale price with the Agent /home owner.

4.  The seller completes 'Schedule 1' and passes to the proposed buyer.  Ensure that all information is correct and the documents noted within Schedule 1 are attached.

5.  If the seller purchased the home prior to 26 May 2013, both the seller and the buyer will need to complete and sign a 'Schedule 2' form.  This then needs to be given or sent to the Park Owner who must respond within 21 days of receipt.


6.  Schedule 4 is to be completed by both parties and given or sent to the Park Owner (with all relevant documents listed in the Schedule 4) within 7 days of assignment date.


7.  Pay 90% of the purchase price to the seller and move in!


8.  Send Schedule 5 to the Park Owner within 7 days of completion and pay 10% commission to the Park within 7 days of being notified of the Park Owner's bank details. 

Things to Consider...

  • Possible appointment of a solicitor to help with the process

  • Whether a structural survey is requireed

  • Park home insurance is always required

  • Park home finance

  • Compliance with the site licence and Park rules

  • Fact sheets and forms relating to re-sales are available at

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